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Injured at Work? Seek Help from J. Bradley Baker, LLC

When you’ve been hurt on the job, you are likely facing serious pain and mounting medical bills. Added to this is the possibility of a drawn-out legal battle and the additional stress that comes along with that. Making the decision to consult with an experienced Lexington, SC workers’ compensation attorney can make a huge impact on your case.

Our workers' compensation team can help you:

  • Walk through the workers' comp application
  • Seek maximum compensation for your damages
  • Make sure all of your injuries are properly documented
  • Send you to a vocational professional who can help strengthen your claim
  • Fight against the wrongful denial of benefits
  • Fight for the medical treatment you need
  • Legitimize your injuries
  • Verify your compensation rate
  • Fight for future medical care benefits
  • Protect your physical and psychological needs

If you were injured by a third-party, you may be able to file a personal injury claim in addition to a workers' comp claim.

What Am I Entitled to If I Have a Work Injury?

If you have been injured at work or while performing a work duty, it is important that you know your rights as an injured worker. Your employer is responsible for providing you with the medical treatment necessary following your on-the-job injury. Normally, this is handled and coordinated by workers' compensation insurance.

You are also allowed the following rights under the South Carolina Workers' Compensation Act:

  • Recovery of medical expenses
  • Temporary total compensation for lost time
  • Permanent disability benefits if you have suffered a permanent injury
  • You have the right to choose a physician to evaluate your disability, however, this will not be covered by the employer.

Depending on the severity of your injury, you may be eligible for the following:

  • Mileage for travel to and from medical treatment that is more than five miles from your home
  • Lost wages or income at two-thirds of your average weekly wage
  • Compensation based on your disability
  • Death and funeral benefits for surviving family members

Other factors that may affect your workers' comp award can include your work history, your educational background, and the type of work you were performing at the time of your injury. Whether or not you are able to earn the same income following your injury can also be significant. In some cases, the commission can determine that an injured worker is unable to return to work in any capacity following an accident, in which case you may be able to recover permanent disability benefits.

I’ve Been Hurt on the Job. What Should I Do?

Before you contact one of our Lexington, SC Personal Injury Attorneys, it is important that you report your work sustained injury to a supervisor as soon as possible. It is also important that you inform your employer of all the problems you are having following the accident. Often, an employer will prepare a written report which you should review to ensure its accuracy.

If your injury is properly handled, and insurance agrees to send you for treatment, it is important that you inform the doctor of all of the problems you are having, whether it’s radiating pain, sharp pain, headaches, or other trauma, including loss of sleep and psychological issues.

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