The holidays are a time filled with joy, laughter, and being surrounded by our loved ones.

However, it can be very easy to neglect the additional stress that end-of-the-year deadlines can have on your workplace environment.

Here are the most common workplace injuries during the holiday season and how to avoid them.

Accidents at Work

According to the CDC, the most common workplace injuries happen when people bump or collide with each other or objects at work.

That’s why safety is a significant part of your holiday planning!

Stress, fatigue, and alcohol are all common distractions during the holidays that can lead to errors and accidents.

Strain and Splinting Injuries

Working in an environment that requires a lot of heavy lifting can cause your muscles to strain easily. When the soreness comes, take an anti-inflammatory, lay on an ice pack, and elevate the back of the head for the next day.

Slip and Fall Injuries

In the rush of the holiday season, workplaces might have employees on strict deadlines. You may find yourself walking quickly and not being as cautious with your everyday movements and routines.

If you are focused too much on your task and feel pressured to complete it at a more rapid rate than normal, slipping and falling can be a common consequence.

The holidays can be a very exciting time, but the busyness of the season can increase rates of harm. Make sure you are practicing safe habits to protect yourself from avoidable damage.

Infections and Transmission

During the holidays, people are probably more sick than usual. The season can increase your stress levels and push your immune system to the limits. When you’re sick, your body is going to be more susceptible to getting another infection. It’s good to limit your contact with the sick folks if you’re feeling under the weather.

Always Give Your Body and Brain a Break

Be sure to take a break from your work when you are too stressed out, or use a time management app that tracks the time you spend on a task and prompts you when it’s time to take a break. Overworking yourself is a sure way to create a recipe for an injury.

Know Your Rights

Have you recently been injured in the workplace? If so, you must retain a skilled Lexington attorney to represent you and explain your rights.

At J. Bradley Baker LLC, we genuinely care about every one of the clients that come to us needing legal guidance and support.

Whether your employer is holding up your claim, attempting to evade their financial responsibility, or you are simply struggling, we are here to help you and fiercely guard your rights.